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“Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.” -- Proverbs 15:22

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What does “consulting” mean in the A/V industry? Typically, a consultant is hired to design an audio/video/lighting system, and then bids are solicited from one or more contractors. This traditional approach works fine in some cases, but what if you need more than a set of blueprints and an equipment list? Or, what if you need help with your existing system?

At Church Audio Video, we take a different approach – we define “consulting” as empowering you with the knowledge and experience you need to make good decisions. This might include helping you solve a problem (like inadequate sound or video coverage), teaching you a technique (monitor mixing, DMX basics, etc.), or advising you on the selection of products, materials or other services. Our consulting solutions are customized for each unique situation.

In fact, most of our consulting work is for churches who want to do something themselves – they need advice before starting a project, but they don’t want to employ a traditional A/V consulting firm. Maybe you just need us to spend 30 minutes de-mystifying acoustics, or perhaps you want our help designing a custom lighting system for a multi-million dollar facility. Whatever the case, a good steward is obliged to seek counsel, and good advice is always worth the investment., our parent company, started in 1971 as a consulting firm – The concept of ‘help’ is in our DNA.’s mission to provide smart sound solutions has come full circle in Church Audio Video.

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Note: On-site service is limited to the greater Dallas/Fort Worth area.
If your facility is located outside the Metroplex, reduced travel rates will be negotiated.

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