"Equipping of the saints for the work of ministry..." -- Ephesians 4:12

The Life Church

Dallas, TX

The Life Church had a number of unique desires and goals for both their new building and their new audio, video, and lighting systems. A high degree of versatility was required in order to accommodate a combination of traditional instruments (choir, organ, baby grand piano) and contemporary sound sources (electronic keyboard, bass guitar and drums), volunteers with different levels of experience, and a congregation of all ages. The new sanctuary, which seats around 350 with room to grow, has a traditional feel, so the aesthetic aspect was as important as the practical.

Project Details
Objective: To provide a versatile A/V/L solution, including training and support, for a small but growing church taking a huge step into their target community.


  • Audio: Roland V-Mixing & digital snake system, Roland personal monitoring, TOA HX-5 variable-array speakers, Bag End low-profile subwoofers, QSC & TOA amplification, BSS London sound processing / assembly mixing, Crown, Heil, & Shure wired & wireless microphones, Sennheiser wireless in-ear monitors & drum mics, Tascam CD recorder & player, Radial DIs, and RDL interfaces.
  • Video: Boxlight projectors, SongShow Plus presentation software, Kramer switching, QVS baluns, and Tascam DVD player.
  • Lighting: NSI/Leviton & Lightronics control, Chauvet & American DJ LED fixtures, Lightronics & American DJ traditional fixtures, and Lightronics dimming.
  • Musical Instruments: Yamaha acoustic drums with Paiste cymbals and Clearsonic drumshield.

Eastern Heights

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