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Here’s a great overview of Acoustics that I found helpful and relevant for church applications. Hope you will too.

What is Acoustics?

It is a science, governed by the laws of physics that helps us understand and predict the way that sound behaves in an environment. It is the total effect of sound especially as produced in an enclosed space.

A space is said to have good acoustics if it provides a sound environment conducive to the way it is to be used.

Many factors determine the acoustics of a given space. The acoustics are primarily determined by the architecture of the space, the way that the space is finished, and the number of people occupying the space at any given time.

FACT: Good acoustics rarely happen by accident.

  • It is extremely important to get advice from good acoustic and sound system consultants early in the design process and prior to construction.
  • Acoustics and sound system design are applied physics, not “black magic”. Poor acoustics and sound system performance means either that the design team made mistakes or their recommendations were not properly implemented.
  • If the budget is limited, it is far more beneficial to have the design work done properly and defer the purchase of options such as an organ or sound system.
  • Fixing the acoustics of a space after the building is built is often quite expensive; getting is right prior to construction is not.
  • Money spent on hiring the right sound system consultant is money that will be saved when purchasing and using the sound system.
  • It is always cheaper and better to do it right the first time.

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