What if YOU are the Tech Team?If you’re like most techs in the local church, then you’re a volunteer who loves what you do. You’re there before most folks arrive and you’re there after they leave the building. I know that’s been the experience of the audio/video/lighting techs in most churches where I’ve served as the Worship Leader. I’ve always appreciated the tireless dedication and the willingness to learn new things these gifted individuals have demonstrated. Sadly, most churches don’t realize how important you are – that is, until you’re NOT there for a service – and then it’s as if the whole world has stopped spinning in its orbit. You’re not alone, really. Here are some things to consider if you’re a One Man/One Woman Church Tech Team:

  1. Remember that your first job is to be a servant. This can be hard when you’re dealing with creative people, some of whom don’t know the first thing about the technical requirements for what it takes to have a smooth service. When you serve the Lord by serving His people, it’s ultimately a win/win.
  2. Find out what your Pastor/Leaders expect of you. Make sure that you’re in agreement with their expectations. If you can get it in writing, by all means do.
  3. Know your limitations. If you don’t know how to do something, say so. If you need more information or training, then ask for it. There are numerous educational sources available to technicians of all experience levels. And learning new tech stuff is fun! Revisit this site and you’ll get some good free info along the way. You can start by reading some of our other blog posts.
  4. Enlarge yourself – no, not at Krispy Kreme – but the size of your team. It’s never good to have only one person who can do the tech ministry at church. Even if you’re a congregation of only 50 people, it’s much more fun to do things as a team. To grow your team, take it on as a personal prayer project. Ask the Lord for helpers and ask those He places on your heart to answer the call to serve. Then, be willing to share your knowledge with them. The more people you have to share the load, the more each of you can worship and do your tech work.

We’ll have more to say about this soon, so feel free to post a comment and ask any specific questions. And most importantly, remember to keep an eye out for the ever-present and sneaky Mr. Knob Turner!