Here at the Church Audio Video headquarters, we have a small multipurpose room that usually looks like it was hit by a Texas tornado. It’s where the magic happens, so as long as we can walk through the room without tripping on anything, we let it slide.

Messy Demo RoomOn Thursday, June 2nd, this room will be transformed into a full-fledged TV production studio. With two of our staff members working together in 234 square feet, we will shoot video on network-style TV sets, switch between multiple HD cameras and other audio and video sources, add titles and overlays on the fly, send our presentation to a local projector, webcast to (and take questions from) a live online audience, and record our program for later editing, archiving and duplication…. all with plenty of room to spare.

How is all this possible, you ask? With one amazing product that is transforming live video production as we know it: the NewTek TriCaster. TriCaster is a portable device – small enough to fit in a backpack or rack case – that essentially replaces an entire television truck and crew, allowing you to simultaneously record, project and stream your program with just one or two operators. ESPN X Games, MTV, Fox News, BBC, Nickelodeon, CBS Radio and NASA are among many high-profile organizations that use TriCaster to produce and deliver their content.

NewTek TriCasterOn June 2, we will be hosting a webinar to explore the features and benefits of TriCaster as they apply to houses of worship. The webinar is free to attend (sign up here) and all you need to participate is a broadband Internet connection and a web browser. Bring your questions – we have 3 employees on staff that have all been through TriCaster “boot camp” at NewTek’s headquarters in San Antonio, and you’ll be able to communicate with them during the webinar.

The most obvious uses of TriCaster in worship applications are for live streaming and recording of services, but churches are finding many other ways to use TriCaster to enhance and extend their outreach. You can project hymn lyrics and imagery on-screen; play pre-recorded video announcements during services; and supplement your weekly message with a web-only sermon series or teaching videos. In addition, TriCaster’s portability allows you to easily cover off-site events, like outdoor baptisms, community service projects and youth group events by recording and streaming or archiving them on your website. TriCaster makes it easy to share your church’s message – not only with your entire congregation, but with viewers around the world.

We’ll be covering all this and more during our webinar, using practical examples that apply to every church and worship style, so this is an event you don’t want to miss. For more on TriCaster in the meantime, read these reviews by Church Production Magazine and Technologies for Worship Magazine. Technical information can be found on NewTek’s website. And of course, we’re available anytime to answer your questions – just call us at (888) 889-7709 or send us an email.

We look forward to seeing you online on June 2! Click here to register.

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