MEGA Open House

Account Managers Kevin Lorensen and Kevin Betts (a.k.a. “Kevin Squared”) with the Mega Lite Pro Color Cannon (L), N-E Color Pro Strip (front) and N-E Color Par 64 (R)., our parent company, recently became a dealer for MEGA Systems, a San Antonio-based lighting and audio manufacturer of brands including Mega Lite, Enigma LED Vision Systems and Biema Professional Sound, and the US distributor of PR Lighting.

We’ve had our fair share of headaches with other lighting lines, but the quality of products and customer service from MEGA Systems has been no less than outstanding, and we’re really excited to be representing this great line. Later this month, we’ll be hosting an Open House with the good folks at MEGA, and we’d love for you to join us.

To give you some insight into the MEGA “user experience” in the meantime, here are a few thoughts from the Church Audio Video staff.


Some out-of-the box ideas from Mark Helms, Church Audio Video Systems Designer:

These days, many churches are expressing interest in updating the look of their building. This can be accomplished in many different ways: through video projection, stage layout/design, exterior building colors, interior renovations, almost anything. One aspect that churches frequently overlook is architectural lighting. This can encompass anything from regular white room lights, to washing outside walls of the building with various colors of light, to lighting or color-washing architectural features inside. In some circumstances, architectural lighting can provide the new look you are trying to achieve without the expense of major renovations.

MEGA Arc FloodThe ARC line from MEGA Systems’ Mega Lite brand is an excellent family of products that makes architectural lighting not only possible, but easy. Most of the product line is IP65 rated, making it great for outdoor use. The various shapes and types of fixtures can be used for all sorts of lighting applications. The ARC Flood is even available in white or WWA (white-white-amber), making it an excellent choice for modern-looking, high-efficiency room lighting.

Take a look at the range of architectural lighting on MEGA’s website and hopefully some creative ideas will come to you. Here are a few to get you started:

  • Light up that steeple
  • Install colored up-lighting on exterior church walls
  • Install white or colored strip lighting in an overhang or cove
  • Shine color on brick, stone or wood accents
  • Spotlight artwork or a cross
  • Color wash an accent wall or two, matching it to the backgrounds of the projection slides



A true story from Kevin Betts, Account Manager:

I’d like to share a story about how a MEGA Systems product recently bailed me out of a potentially bad situation. A note about myself before we get to the heart of this matter…I am an audio engineer. Lighting is not my forté if it’s any more involved than turning a switch off and on.

MEGA EnlightenNonetheless, after MEGA Systems’ Enlighten lighting control software was introduced, I started carrying the dongle around with me just in case I needed it for a demo.

I am often called in to handle the lighting and audio at Johnnie High’s Country Music Review in Arlington, Texas. The console on deck is an ETC Congo, which is exciting to me as an “audio guy” (IT HAS FADERS!). But, one evening I managed to lose all of the programming with only an hour until showtime. I called the real LD, and got no response. My mind was racing!

I ran to my car and grabbed my laptop and the Enlighten dongle, and in less than 30 minutes I was able to have basic lights up and running. It wasn’t the fully-functioning system the regulars are used to, but at least no one would be singing in the dark.

I was amazed that with only a basic knowledge of this software, limited time and being under pressure, I was able to quickly restore the lighting system in time for the show. We all know that regardless of any technical failures, THE SHOW MUST GO ON!



A review of MEGA Systems’ line array speakers from Jeff McLeod, Church Audio Video Managing Director:

Line array loudspeaker systems are a very powerful tool in the right space, particularly when full frequency reproduction is required. Normally used in larger spaces, several line array manufacturers now offer more compact versions which are finding themselves in more and more smaller to medium sized houses of worship. MEGA Systems has a great solution in this category.

Biema LAVATheir Biema LAVA (Little Active Vertical Array) is a 3-way system containing an active Class H (self-powered) dual 12” subwoofer module, which also provides plenty of power for up to four of their passive mid-high modules. Volume and frequency controls are located on the low module. The mid-high modules incorporate dual 6.75” low/mid woofers and a 2” HF driver. This unique design only requires one 20-amp 120 VAC electrical circuit for each array.

With a frequency response of 30 Hz to 15 kHz, performance of this system is unparalleled in value. In the recommended configuration, the system provides a constant 100-degree horizontal dispersion and each mid/high module has a 15-degree vertical dispersion. So, unless you need LOTS of heavy subwoofer action, two complete arrays can easily cover a 250 to 400 seat church auditorium and keep pace with much larger and more expensive systems.

All components come in either black or white textured paint and are shipped in sturdy ATA style road cases. With a street price of around $4,200 for a complete system including the dual 12” subwoofer module, four dual 6.5” tops, ATA cases and rigging flybar – the LAVA is little on price, but huge on sound!


If you’re going to be in the Dallas / Fort Worth area on Thursday, July 21, and you’d like to see these and other MEGA Systems lighting products in action, come to our Open House on at First United Methodist Church in Euless. A number of reps from MEGA Systems and all of us at Church Audio Video will be there to answer your questions.