Wow! Another Easter season gone by at CAV. Almost every business has their own version of a ‘busy season,’ and with our commitment to furthering the ministry, the months leading up to Easter are definitely ours.  We had several notable projects; including system installs at East Dallas Church of God, St. Barnabas Anglican Church, St. Thomas the Apostle Church, First United Methodist Grand Prairie, First Baptist Church Willow Park and way out west of Abilene at First Baptist Church Aspermont. We found ourselves stretched pretty thin that last week and into Saturday. I’m happy to report that every new system was up and running by Easter, and having checked in with several of the pastors, it sounds like everything went great for the Easter services!

Here are just a few thoughts from our recent project:

  • FBC Aspermont was a great example of what we want our company to be. It was the kind of job that many of our competitors will not do, it was difficult from a design standpoint, and was several hours of driving away from us. There were several factors that would make installation a headache, but at Church Audio Video, we do our best to work closely with the pastors and volunteers at the churches we do business with to create solutions to fit the unique needs different churches have. In Aspermont, we managed to find a solution that utilized talent in the congregation to overcome the obstacles and produced a fantastic result with an integrated video system that they were able to use for the first time on Easter.
  • A couple months ago, I posted an article about camera systems and their uses in the ministry. We had a conversation with a church’s video technician that was a perfect example of this. He told us how integral online streaming had become to their ministry. Before they had it, they didn’t see it adding very much to their reach. But now, due to views of their streams both overseas and locally, the idea of missing a single service in their streaming site is almost unacceptable. There are just too many people that tune in that may never get to be a part of the service otherwise. This is exactly the sort of thing I envision when I have the privilege of helping a church set up this kind of system.
  • At CAV, we frequently install office networking systems. Networking is often relevant in new buildings where we are running wires for many other systems anyway, so having us add networking to the list could save your church time and money.

Despite how busy we were over the week of Easter, we genuinely enjoyed getting to work with so many different churches on so many different projects. Making sure that our church partners were totally prepared for one of their busiest days was an immensely rewarding experience, and we were thankful that we had the opportunity to take part in furthering the Kingdom. If you have any questions or are interested in the services CAV provides, please do not hesitate to call or email us.