Upgrading Your Audio, Video, or Lighting in Time for the Christmas Season

If you’re like us, you’re probably already beginning to see the first of the Christmas decorations trickling into stores all around you. Christmas is rapidly approaching, and we at Church Audio Video are already preparing for pre-holiday installations and would love to help you make sure your church is prepared for some of its most significant services.  Whether we’re fixing minor audio problems or installing new systems entirely, we’ll work hard to ensure that your church’s A/V upgrade perfectly complements your Christmas service. We realize that Christmas is still several months away, but in order to allow for the time necessary for us to properly evaluate your church’s needs, create an appropriate solution, and install said solution, there couldn’t be a better time than now for you to get started on your upgrade.

Even some small improvements can be rather beneficial to your Sunday services.  We offer a number of relatively inexpensive but extraordinarily effective pieces that can make an incredible difference in both your church’s audio and video presence. For example, a digital signal processor (DSP), when professionally installed, drastically increases audio quality in any space, and a new wireless mic or microphone antenna upgrades can remove many of the common problems your pastor or band might be facing.

If you’re more interested in video, we offer cost-effective solutions for that as well. We’re aware of the often high cost of high-quality video, but rest assured, a professionally-installed, single-camera video system is far more within financial reach than you might expect. Our single-camera systems are capable of both recording sermons to video software and live streaming all over the world.

With slightly more populated church services arriving soon, we know that making sure all your equipment is operating properly is a high priority. Our troubleshoot service is designed to make sure your services run as smoothly as they possibly can. We’ve worked with a wide variety of different systems with an even wider variety of problems with a high rate of success in making small repairs. We can fix just about anything A/V related, including feedback, audio dropping in and out, microphone crackling and popping, video and streaming issues, and dim lighting. Our troubleshoot service is designed to help you get the most out of your current system and solve problems that can be a real headache on Sunday mornings.

Though the Christmas season may seem far away, now is the time to start the process of upgrading your audio, video, or lighting if you want to have it up and running for the big Christmas service, and we would love nothing more than to help you. At Church Audio Video, it’s our mission to serve our churches by providing the technology they need to fulfill their visions. We realize each church is unique and has unique needs, so we work to create individual systems and solutions for each place of worship.  We hope to hear from you soon and feel free to call and find out how we can get your system up and running before Christmas.