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The Benefits of a Modern Camera System


Here at CAV, we are experiencing a new wave of churches looking to upgrade their camera systems. Whether it be for live streaming, recording, video distribution, or just overhead projection, we have the solution you’re looking for. I am always excited to see ministries utilizing new technologies to reach more people, and having a good camera system will open up …

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Acoustics in Worship Spaces


Have you ever worshiped in a facility where they had absolutely awesome equipment, but the sound system just didn’t sound like it should? It’s not always an issue of LOUDNESS; sometimes the speakers are tuned very well, but the way they interact with the surfaces in the room degrades the sound. Sure, they sound great up close because they’re not …

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Going Digital


In the last few years, there have been so many digital mixing consoles released that it’s almost mind boggling to keep up with them. We compared three specific models in a recent post, but today we’ll be looking at some of the big-picture differences between analog and digital consoles. We like to describe ourselves as “purpose-driven” AVL gearheads around here, …

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Does Your Sound System Need a Tune-Up?


Wouldn’t it be great once we’ve gotten a new audio system up and running that it never required any attention? That’s probably the most frequent dream church sound techs have besides that brand new automated digital console, right? The fact is that even the best designed and installed sound systems require a tune-up every now and then to perform at …

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Christmas in October


Upgrading Your Audio, Video, or Lighting in Time for the Christmas Season If you’re like us, you’re probably already beginning to see the first of the Christmas decorations trickling into stores all around you. Christmas is rapidly approaching, and we at Church Audio Video are already preparing for pre-holiday installations and would love to help you make sure your church …

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Post-Easter Roundup


Wow! Another Easter season gone by at CAV. Almost every business has their own version of a ‘busy season,’ and with our commitment to furthering the ministry, the months leading up to Easter are definitely ours.  We had several notable projects; including system installs at East Dallas Church of God, St. Barnabas Anglican Church, St. Thomas the Apostle Church, First …

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Mymix Personal Monitor Mix

Personal Monitoring Solutions


As more and more churches expand their worship ministries to include multiple stage inputs, the need for personal monitoring has increased significantly.  Traditionally, there are basically three ways to do monitoring: A.  Traditional Wedge or Flown Monitors, through passively amplified or self-powered speakers B.  Wired or Wireless In Ears from Board Mixes C.  Personal Monitoring The whole purpose of monitoring …

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Church Audio Video History

The Church Audio Video Story


Church Audio Video has grown to what it is today through some very interesting events. When I (Jeff McLeod) came to work for in September 2004, it was the result of taking a break from Vocational Ministry. Having spent my time serving the local church as a staff member since 1978 in various capacities, I was blessed with an …

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